Save energy. Save money. Sounds easy enough, and with the EnergySmart Grocer Program, it is.

EnergySmart Grocer helps groceries, convenience stores, restaurants and other facilities with commercial refrigeration reduce operating costs with energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits. Participating businesses realize instant savings on their energy bills, while contractors and manufacturers stir up new work opportunities. It’s the EnergySmart Grocer way of doing things, and everyone wins.

Saving Energy is Our Idea of a Good Time

Some people enjoy long walks on the beach. Others take pleasure in bass fishing. For those of us working on the EnergySmart Grocer Program, we get our kicks from uncovering opportunities to save energy.

For many commercial businesses, the electricity bill is a scary sight. This is especially true for those with heavy refrigeration and lighting loads. We recognize this hardship and make it our mission to provide solutions that effectively reduce energy usage and cut operating costs.

Through our program, qualifying businesses receive no-cost energy audits, information about efficient technologies and available equipment rebates, and in-depth, on-site consultations with skilled Account Managers. This streamlined process leads to easy implementation of cost-effective, energy-efficiency measures. Essentially, we make it easy and affordable for businesses to realize savings through energy-efficient upgrades and retrofits.

This has been our mission for nearly a decade, and during that time we’ve established relationships with key stakeholders and industry leaders to mobilize the market for deep and persistent savings. Here are just some of the benefits the EnergySmart Grocer Program provides:

Reduction in overall energy usage and electricity bills for businesses

Project leads for contractors

Aggregated projects for equipment suppliers and manufacturers

Proven high-volume savings to efficiently meet utility goals